Updated 3/28/2014

2013 Upper East Side Apartment Restoration

Before we started our speedy plaster restoration

One of our favorite recent projects was restoring the pre-war plaster walls in a sweet apartment on the Upper East Side. We’d worked with this homeowner years ago on a full restoration of their house in Hudson, NY. But this job was different; the client needed to move in in a hurry. We had to work fast and within a very tight budget...
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The story of our clerestory

The Rokeby Mansion clerestory

As you may have read in our last post, we're adding a clerestory to our current upstate project. And those of you who read that last post may have been left wondering—what in the world is a clerestory? The definition is pretty simple. Read more →



Fort Greene Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation Howard Hall Federal Mansion Porch Restoration Brooklyn Brownstone Stair Rebuild

Welcome to the Howard Hall Farm Restoration Group

Committed to honoring historic preservation concerns while embracing cutting edge green building practices, Howard Hall Farm Restoration Group (formerly known as Brooklyn Lime Works Studio) provides comprehensive construction and project management services from initial architectural concepts and engineering to interior finishes and landscaping. A comprehensive list of our services can be found here. Our design philosophy strives to incorporate the newest energy technologies, like green and sustainable building materials and finishes, along with traditional materials and practices such as lime mortar and plaster, and recycled architectural salvage.

The Howard Hall Farm Restoration Group specializes in historic mortar and plasters. A large part of our work is mortar analysis and making matching mortars for our restoration projects. Our highly skilled team of mortar workers is trained to work with these materials and understands the historic fabric on which they work. We are passionate about this trade and the technologies related to this particular craft. Brownstone restoration is most often misunderstood, and the use of Portland cement in brownstone repair is something we are focused on eliminating. Instead, we use materials that are soft and compatible with the brownstone fabric being repaired.

If you would like to hire us for your next project, all of our contact information can be found on the contact page.

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