Summer/ Fall Restoration Project: Chelsea Townhome Entry Door

Hello everyone! We’re back again with another post about our Chelsea restoration project. This time I’ll be discussing the entry door. The entry door is made of sturdy 5inch thick white oak wood. It has four trim encased openings for fenestration. The existing coating of varnish on the exterior of the door has deteriorated and we will be replacing it with a high quality application from Fine Paints of Europe paint company.

Two-toned doors will NOT be staying (bummer, I know): primed door on the right, final coat of paint on the left

To begin, the door must first be stripped of the existing coating with 220 grit sandpaper, a steel bristle brush, and a standard paint stripping solution. When all the existing coating has been removed, the door and all of its wooden components must be spot checked for uneven areas, wood knots and minor scrapes. These areas are then filled with Swedish Putty. Swedish Putty is an oil-based knifing filler skim coat paste used to even out spots which make the final product appear placid and professional.

After the Swedish Putty application, we applied a Fine Paints of Europe tinted primer. The client decided on a deep, rich, high gloss eggplant tone for the entry door, so we went with the closest tinted primer color possible; light pink. This application turned out to be a conversation piece for us and some of the neighbors! We explained to them that it was just the primer coating.

Now that the first layer of the final coating has been applied, you can see how the paint creates a resilient personality for the door and the coming new facade and stoop! Fine Paints of Europe always have top quality applications being that the pigment particle count per square inch is so much higher than other standard oil-based paints. That concludes this arduous but rewarding segment of the Chelsea project!

Click through the gallery below — you’ll find info about the pictures and more details about the project!

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