Sandy Donations: Anyone in need of a hot water heater, boiler or oil tank?

For most of the country it feels like superstorm Sandy is but a distant memory. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of families still struggling with the aftermath. We know many of them have much rebuilding to do, and we here at HHF would like to be able to help, even if it is only in a small way.

With that said, we are currently looking to donate two natural gas hot water heaters, one boiler, and two oil tanks. While these items are located in Brooklyn, if you know of someone in Staten Island, Queens, or New Jersey who might be in need of these items, we are willing to help get them out there. Please spread the word through as many channels as you can. We would like to be able to get these to a family affected by Sandy that truly needs them. If you have any questions, please feel free to forward them to Pictures and specs below!

BOILER – 1 AVAILABLE (Click images to enlarge)

MAWP, Water: 58 psi
Max. Water Temp: 248°F
Minimum Relief Valve Capacity: 256 lb/hr

Fuel oil #2, natural gas or LP Gas
Max. Input Oil: 2.10 GpH
Max. Input Gas: 294 Mbtu/hr
Gross output: 256 Mbtu/hr
Net IBR Rating: 223 Mbtu/hr

HOT WATER HEATER – 2 AVAILABLE (Click image to enlarge)

48 Gal. capacity
Maximum Work Pressure: 150 psi
Gas Type: Natural gas
BTU/Hr Input: 60,000

OIL TANK – 2 AVAILABLE (Click images to enlarge)

Steel tank for oil-burner fuels and other combustible liquids – single wall

Tank size: 275
Min. capacity of tank: 266 U.S. gallons
Thickness of shell: 12 gauge
Thickness of heads: 12 gauge
Date of manufacture: 2010
Tested to: 7 PSIG

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