Paneling progress!

Our project upstate is bustling along. In spite of the recent snow, we’re managing to still make progress. Materials that will be used in the house (like Waterworks bath fixtures and beautiful new porcelain tiles) are being dropped off daily, and the project is in that phase where it’s just on the brink of gelling: windows are about to be installed, rooms are about to emerge from the tangle of 2x4s, and the second floor clerestory is thisclose to giving Rokeby Mansion a run for its money (more on the clerestory story in a later post!)

Top: Before the paneling went up in the master bedroom.
Bottom: After the installation of some of the pieces of Cherry paneling.

One of the more exciting aspects is that the installation of the Cherry wood paneling has begun! You all know my feelings about this solid wood paneling from my last post about this upstate project detailing all of the amazing salvaged items that are going to be used in the home. This past week the wood panels were being moved into the rooms they would soon be encasing, and this week they’re finally starting to be put up on the walls.

Beautiful dovetailing detail of one of the panels.

A full wall outfitted with the paneling.

The master bedroom was the first to receive the Cherry wood treatment. It’s amazing that the pieces fit so perfectly – they were all salvaged from another house that, unbelievably, had the same proportions/measurements as our project. It was like a meant-to-be, gift-from-heaven type of deal when we managed to score this paneling. I promise I’ll keep my fawning to a minimum in this post!

Another neat aspect of the installation of these pieces was what we discovered when moving the breathtaking mantel into place in the master: check out that label! Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to read, but the name George Andrew Kuhner is clearly visible.

After doing some digging, I wasn’t able to find much, but this great advert for “mantels, special furniture, grilles, etc.” from the fifth Architectural Exhibition 1905, Brooklyn Chapter of American Institute of Architects catalog did turn up. Google, how did we ever get anything done before you existed?

Stay tuned to the blog, we’re going to be doing a bunch more posts about this project as work progresses!

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