You know you want one…

To extend the independence celebrations just a liiittle longer, we are announcing…

The Liberty theater marquee giveaway contest!

Reggie’s friend Stephanie recently got her hands on this amazing marquee from a theater in Liberty, NY and we thought, “What better way to honor Uncle Sam than to have a good old fashioned giveaway?”

Liberty Marquee

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Partners in Preservation announces grant winners!

As you can imagine, we here at HHF have been following the Partners in Preservation contest pretty closely. For those unaware of Partners in Preservation, it is a community-based initiative program that began in 2006. Each year they focus on a different city and select a list of local historic sites to receive grant money to fund restoration projects. And then this is where the fun begins: the list is handed over to the public who then votes for their favorite site to receive funding.

In 2012, 40 historic places throughout the five boroughs of New York City were chosen, the public voted for a month, and now we finally know who the winners are!

While I personally voted for the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx (because I’m creepy like that), I’m still pretty jazzed about this year’s winners:

Look at these amazing doors on the Brooklyn Public Library! (Source)

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